Wyoming is well known for having plenty of open space, given that we are the 10 largest state overall. Not only that, but as you well know, we are the least populated state in the U.S. Unfortunately, even with that being the case, that doesn't mean we don't have our share of dangerous places throughout the Cowboy State.

While for the most part, we live a very western, laid back lifestyle, there is still plenty of crime to go around, especially in the bigger cities. According to a recent report from the FBI that shows statistics for violent crime and property crime, the cities in Wyoming with over 2,000 people were analyzed. That is a total of 24 cities. While the Cowboy State may not have as much overall crime as most states when it comes to violent crime. There is a significant amount of property crime that goes on in Wyoming.

The cities that rank near the top of the list are also some of the state's fastest growing cities. Just last year, Cheyenne was named as one of the fastest growing cities throughout the nation. On this particular list, that fact doesn't necessarily bode well for them. Some of the other cities ranking near the top are also high in unemployment while also having some of the lowest paying wages throughout the Cowboy State.

For many of the cities that made the list, there are certain areas that you should maybe not approach late at night. Many of such areas are more prone to violent crime and property theft than others. So be safe out there, Wyoming. Now let's countdown what the 10 absolute most dangerous cities are to live in Wyoming...

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