Will this quarantine end sooner, or later? Not knowing makes it a little worse doesn't it? But, sooner or later, it is lifted and we can all get our lives back to normal.

But before we do that there will centrally be a moment of crazy as we all break free from our home bound prisons and rush out into the world.

Here are 10 things people will probably do in the order that they will happen.

1) Drive around aimlessly just to make sure everything still looks the same.

2) Head back to the store with all that toilet paper to see if we can return it because we will need money for what is about to happen next.

3) Rush to the bars and other drinking establishments and gather in large groups, just like we were told not to do. We will have to get used to standing close to each other again. Personal space rules will be different. Do we hug that friend we have not seen in a while? This is going to be awkward.

4) Rush to the hair stylist, barber shops and nail salons. We all look like crap and need to get groomed. Maybe we should go their before the drinking establishments, but then again a few drinks fixes those problems, so it can wait.

5) Now that we are looking good again, head back to the bars.

6) Think about calling the boss to see when we can get back to work.

7) Complain to friends we are drinking with that, while we need our job, we don't want to go back to work for that jerk.

8) Complain about having to set our alarm clocks after we have all gotten used to going to bed as late as we wanted and sleeping as late as we wanted.

9) Call the boss to see when we can go back to work. Pretend to miss him. Lie and say you can't wait to get back to work.

10). Begin wishing for next weekend when we can take a couple of days off to stay at home and do nothing.


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