Americans like to celebrate their nation and their love of freedom by BLOWING THINGS UP! 

Nothing says "I'm a free person" like "HOLD MY BEER!" and "WATCH THIS Y'ALL!"

Yes, freedom means the right to be STUPID. Unfortunately, that kind of stupid usually leads to visits to the hospital and permanent injury.

Here are some of the DUMBEST things people have done with fireworks.

1. Light them in the shower.
YEAH, some kids when into the shower with a bunch of fireworks, shut the glass door and, it did not end well.  Don't do that.

2. Fire them from your nether region.
This really shows how DUMB a person is. I really don't think I need to explain why this is a bad idea. So - just don't.

3. Put them between your legs while standing on top of two cars.
YES, this was done. The key here was that they put the fireworks between their legs. Again, do I need to explain this?

4. Tape fireworks to your body or anyone else's body.
I'm not going to post this video here. If you want to watch it you can click on this link. Let's just say - this guy is an idiot.

5. Fire them at Captain America.
This did not work out the way we see it in the movies.

6. Try to catch them with your face
How about don't try to catch them at all? Just -- DON'T!

7. Give them to your dog.
Worse yet is when your dog steals them. Dogs become EVIL when they get fireworks.

There are many videos online of little dogs grabbing fireworks and chasing everyone around. Just keep your dog away. They use fireworks to get revenge.

8. Light them in a kitchen.
Don't even know WHY you would do that. It has been done.

Does not end well. Mom gets real mad.

But how about going outside and cooking with fireworks? Actually, that's not a bad idea if you. Never mind. It's a really bad idea.

9. Fire them in a crowd.
Not funny.

10. Light them in the bathtub.
Not even if you are not in the bathtub.
LOOK! Just never light them in the house OKAY?

11. Put them in a pile of poop.
Okay, wait. This might actually be fun.

12. Put a bunch of them in the toilet?

Mom is going to be so mad and you'll be grounded for LIFE!

I know it sounded like a great idea when I said it but - it was not. -- NO!

But then again, why not use a porta-potty?

That would be a whole lot better than lighting them in your own toilet at home.

Thought I would want to make sure that I actually owned the port potty and that it was not full of - you know -- . I know you want o put fireworks in a full one but... BAD IDEA!

Still -- if you...

What am I saying?

NO - NO - NO!

What I'm trying to say is - blowing stuff up is the American way.
Just don't be an IDIOT about it.

Please be safe this July 4th.

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