The Wyoming Department of Health reported 337 new cases of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, bringing the statewide total to 29,389. 28 new cases were reported for Natrona County, leaving the current number of active cases in Natrona County at 1,316.

Fifteennew deaths have been confirmed by the Health Department, bringing the total number of Wyoming deaths to 230. Of these deaths, 46 have occurred in Natrona County.

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Currently, there are 239 COVID-related hospitalizations in Wyoming, 64 of which are housed at the Wyoming Medical Center in Natrona County.

Wyoming Medical Center is currently housing the most COVID-19 cases in Wyoming, but Cheyenne Regional Medical Center is also reporting a surge, with 63 patients currently being treated for COVID-19.

The Wyoming Medical Center has released a self-report, noting that of those affected by COVID-19 in Wyoming, 6,005 are between the ages of 19 and 29.

Currently, 22,601 cases have recovered.

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Senator John Barrasso recently appeared on Fox News and stated that COVID-19 vaccinations could commence as soon as this month, noting that the first deliveries may be made by December 11.

“This news of a vaccine this effective and [released] this quickly really is an amazing Christmas gift and now we just have to get it delivered,” Barrasso stated. “We’ve got to deliver it from the factory door to the frontline workers. And I agree with the Centers for Disease Control – that we need to get it to the doctors, the nurses, those who are actually taking care of patients. But also the essential workers, those who are most vulnerable, the elderly, people who have medical conditions. And I will tell you, it looks like there’s going to be delivery by December 11.”

When it comes to actually delivering the vaccines to the states, Barrasso said there is a plan in place.

“I chaired a conference of all the senators with those who were in charge of Operation Warp Speed and getting it out the door,” Barrasso said. “And they’re going to be distributing it to the states in proportion to the populations of each of those states, with each group that goes out. So every state will get some immediately, relative to their population.”

Barrasso continued, adding that “Then, the question is, ‘How does the state distribute it?’ And every state has been asked to come up with its own plan. But to make sure the states are ready, we’ve already pre-positioned in the states needles, syringes, gloves, alcohol pads, masks; all the things that we need so that the second the vaccine gets to the states, they’ll be able to administer the shots.”



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