There's old school and then there's OLD SCHOOL. This is that second one. It's a silent movie that shows what Wind River Canyon was like 100 years ago.

The truth is there's more than just Wind River featured here. It's called "Out Wyoming Way" and it was a movie in the 1920's.

That is about as throwback as you can get. What was happening in Wyoming when this movie was filmed? Tons. It was January 27, 1920 when Wyoming became the first state to grant women the right to vote.

The 1920 Wyoming Cowboy football team went 4-5-1 including a 0-0 tie with Utah.

In November of 1920, Wyoming voted Republican (again) by electing Warren G. Harding to the Presidency.

Considering there is a lot of railroad footage in this classic movie, it's ironic that just a few years later there would be a tragic train wreck between Glenrock and Casper that killed 20.

One thing Wyoming does not lack is a rich history. This vintage movie is more proof of that.

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