I know these people are just trying to help and the concept of their ideas might be sound. Heck, many of these ideas seen below would actually work. But at some point these inventors need to come back and think, 'perhaps this looks so stupid no one will buy it.'

Let's start with the head covering in the video below. Once again we have to admit it would probably work. But honestly, do you want to go out in public looking like this? I'm sure you don't even want to walk around your house alone looking like this.

Next up is The Walking Pod. Originally invented as rain protection, think of it as an umbrella that covers the entire body. When coronavirus came around the inventor saw a new market. The idea is not so bad, in concept. A body cover that still allows you to stick your arms out when you need and is easy to fold and carry with you. But, again, come on.

Finally, a system that is a smaller and better looking version of The Walking Pod. Better looking but - still - come on. This system is a face shield with an air purifier built in. Once again, great idea. This will actually work. But I want to see you show up at church or going grocery shopping in this. I bet no one really wants to go this far.

To the inventors out there - keep trying. Never stop. Your ideas may actually work. But next time, think about form and not just function, if you want to actually sell them.

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