Wyoming has a host of jobs that take place outside, and come with their own unique set of risks.

That's one of the reasons those jobs pay so well.

Here are the most common ways workers are hurt in Wyoming.

Workers may be struck by:
Falling or flying objects
Moving vehicles
Equipment or machinery in motion
They may also be caught in between vehicles and fixed objects.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that contact with objects and equipment was the third leading cause of occupational fatalities.

Transportation incidents were the leading cause of worker fatalities.

Below is a list of the most common workplace dangers in Wyoming.

1: Backing Vehicles 
Construction and all motor vehicles tend to have limited visibility. Precautions are taken, but many people are still injured or killed in blind spots.

2: Vehicle Rollovers
Heavy equipment can roll over for many different reasons. It's not just the person inside the vehicle that might be injured, but anyone standing nearby.

3: Moving Parts
Not all moving parts can be covered by a protective guard. Some parts need to be exposed in order to do their job. Working around these parts takes extra caution and awareness.

4: Improper Lockout/Tagout
Lockout/tagout procedures and devices that prevent a piece of equipment from becoming energized while it is being serviced or cleaned, so it won't transmit energy.

This is why there are so many procedures, and why workers must take a safety refresher course every so often.

OSHA can be overbearing at times.

But before we had them many more people were injured or died while working some of the most dangerous jobs Wyoming has to offer.

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