In the video below you will see two horses walking up a path. Their owner is calling to them. It's time to eat. But there is a bunny in the trail, and the situation looks suspicious.

The bunny is just minding his own business. He does not seem to mind the horses. But the horses are scared.

I'm going to have to side with the horses on this one. No idea if that bunny is deadly, or evil. I mean if you saw that killer bunny in the Monty Python movie Holy Grail you'll know what I'm talking about.

When two big horses come walking up a trail and a tiny bunny just sits there, no even interested in moving, I'm convinced that means the bunny is up to something. 

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For those of you who might laugh at the horses, I might remind you of your reaction when you see a spider. CLEARLY, you can take on this spider and win. You are the superior being. Yet that spider has you convinced otherwise.  You might even try to scare the spider or throw something at him. But he just won't leave. WHY? What is he up to? You're even more afraid when the spider disappears. Where did he go? Is he going to JUMP YOU! 

Despite the coaxing of their owner the horses cannot be convinced to move on until the bunny is no longer in the area. The same thing you do when a spider is in the kitchen between you and the fridge.

Sorry about the language of the narrator in this video, below. But please have a look and see if you agree with me on this. I think the horses are correct on this one. That bunny looks suspect.

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