Sometimes protesters have a point. Sometimes they are wrong about what they think is going on. Sometimes they are just stupid.

Here are a few of the best/worst protests I could find:

1). Protesting Disco Music. July 12, 1979, DJ Steve Dahl at a White Sox baseball game at Chicago’s Comiskey Park piled up vinyl records and blew them up as thousands of anti-disco rioters rushed the field. 39 were eventually arrested for disorderly conduct for storming the field.

2). Protesting because English Is Too Hard. The demonstrators were from the the American Literacy Council and the London-based Spelling Society. They wanted the English language to be simplified. Frankly, I agree. For example Two, Too & To - That's Two Too many To's. You can actually spell Fish - ghoti. Not kidding, look that one up.

3). German man protests high gas prices buy setting fire to his car. I wonder, did he use gas to do it? Answer - yes he did.

4). The Charles Manson Riots. Music fans protested the jailing of Charles Manson because he “had some more good tunes in him.”

5). Berkeley Students Protest Mid-Term Exam. Not a big protest, as protests go. Just four students demanding a take-home test rather than an in-class exam, as reported by Campus Reform.

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