Check out some of the random Wyoming history we've assembled, it might help you with your trivia-game.

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    Wyoming's Oldest City

    Cheyenne was founded in 1867 and became an incorporated town in 1869. The "Magic City Of The Plains," was, and still is, a huge hub for the Union Pacific Railroad. Runner-up credit goes to Laramie, which became an incorporated town in 1874.

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    Wyoming's Oldest Bar

    Miner's and Stockmen's Steakhouse and Spirits gets this honor. The still-popular establishment is located in Hartville, which is just north of Guernsey or about forty minutes northeast of Wheatland. It was established in 1862. Buffalo's The Occidental Hotel bar gets the runner-up award, which was established in 1880.

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    Wyoming's Oldest Building

    The Fossil Cabin located about five miles east of Medicine Bow. This unique cabin was built in 1932 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It's recognized as being the only cabin constructed from fossilized dinosaur bones in the country.

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    Wyoming's Oldest Tractor

    Until proven otherwise, a group of tractor owners in La Barge, Wyoming are certain they own the oldest one in the state. The 1919 Fordson is currently on display at the Tractor Restoration Museum.