It's officially Fall and I give my Pumpkin Spice loving friends full permission to indulge in their favorite flavor of the season.

But don't mind me as I steer clear of this trend and offer some suggestions for Fall scents that don't include Pumpkin Spice.

From light and fruity scents to heavier spicy scents this list has a little bit of everything.

I even added some essential oils scents for those of you that prefer to more natural route or have young kids and a candle simply won't work.

7 Fall Scents To Enjoy That Aren't Pumpkin Spice

Yes, we know, Pumpkin Spice is the official scent of Fall. But, what if you don't like Pumpkin Spice? Here are 7 Fall scents that will give you all the Fall vibes without the Pumpkin Spice smell.

Was there one that you thought looked like an amazing choice?

I think the Autumn Hayride looked like a winner to me!

If that list has you feeling all those fall vibes I came across a DIY video using items that can likely be found at our local Dollar Store.

Some of the crafts are a bit more complicated than others, but a few, like painting the styrofoam pumpkins could be turned into a whole family project!

I thought the "Harvest" sign she made with the frame, mesh bag, burlap leaves, paint, and metal "harvest" was very clever.

As someone who is not crafty in any way shape or form, I was captivated watching how she pulled it all together in the end.

If you've been making Fall crafts of your own send us pics using the My Country Mobile App.

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