Maintaining distance may not actually be that bad.

Before we go too far into this, let me just say that being distant from most people is not my cup of tea. I love people and I hate feeling like we're not "together" especially during a time when we need one another. I also can't stand the fact that I can't hug my grandmother, nor many of my extended family members.

However, being distant in public is kind of my jam right now.

Of course, being distant because of the virus is not my jam. I hate that we're going through all of this. Yet as I continue to search for any silver linings or positive notes in the midst of this pandemic, I think there are some that correlate with being six feet apart.

Not all of these will stick around when the world is close together again, but I will milk them for all they're worth for the time being.

7 Silver Linings to Social Distancing

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