There are many medications on the market today that really don't do anything.

Yet people swear by them.

We always have to hear that long list of side effects during those drug TV commercials.

Wonder what those commercials would have sounded like for the medicines of long ago.

Lets take a look at what was left behind by a pharmacist of yesteryear, in Chugwater Wyoming.

Old Medicine Of The Chugwater Wyoming Drugstore

If you visit the tiny town of Chugwater Wyoming you'll find the newly restored Soda Fountain.

In fact it's Wyoming's oldest soda fountain and malt shot.

It's always worth stopping in for breakfast or lunch, or maybe a shake or malt.

The place was a drug store and soda fountain for the longest time.

Back then soda was actually used to cure an upset stomach.

So what sort of old medicines were left behind by Chugwater's last pharmacist?

It turns out, some of them are on display.


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