Just imagine yourself as 89 years old, stuck, upside down, in a deep hole, and calling for help. Sounds like you're having a nightmare and need to wake up.

It happened in Basin Wyoming and thankfully a couple of men were arriving on the scene to check on the progress of the work being done.

Let's turn the clock back and look at what happened.

The town of Basin, Tuesday morning. Mike Dellos and Mark Christopherson were beginning their shifts.

Not far away an 89-year-old resident had been digging a hole for quite some time on his property to repair a water leak.

We have to pause and give this old guy credit for still being out there and working like this at his age.


He dug the trench to approximately 5 ½ feet when- WOOPS! Bad things happen. Suddenly he found himself stuck upside down and unable to get out of the hole.

Christopherson and Dellos, walked along the work site checking on progress.

Christopherson heard the cries for help and called out to Dellos to assist. The two got to work on pulling the old man out.

An ambulance was called and the old man was checked out but he did not really want any more assistance. He wanted to get back to work.

Thanks to the young men who were on the scene and rushed to help.

Bless that old man and here is hoping that, should we live to be that old, we are still going strong like he is.

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