Try to imagine what Shoshoni, Wyoming looked like before the town was settled.

This photo shows The Birdseye Hotel & Halfway House.

Today the term "halfway house" has an entirely different meaning than it did back then.

Hotels were a lot different too. A typical room was a place where many patrons slept. They often even shared beds, regardless of whether they knew each other or not.

Nestled near the summit of Copper Mountain, Birdseye Station, Wyoming, captured in this circa 1910 photograph, was a hub of activity.

Before constructing the Burlington Railroad through Wind River Canyon, it served as a vital artery for travel between Thermopolis and Shoshoni, witnessing a bustling traffic flow.

Photo by: W.B.D. Gray, American Heritage Center, via Wyoming Places.
Photo by: W.B.D. Gray, American Heritage Center, via Wyoming Places.

There was a saloon there too. To not have one would have been a loss of a lot of money.

There is a lot of wood construction here. Look closer and you'll see that two of the builds are mostly covered in tar paper.

Insulation was not much of a thing back then. Today's homes keep the cold of winter out far better than anything they had back then.

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There is nothing left, today, of this once important stop from back then. Railroads and then highways now move people by so fast they have no need to stop. A trip that took days back then takes just an hour or so today.

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