It will just take a little bit of time.

With Thanksgiving behind us, we now look forward to Christmas. Today, being Black Friday, may be filled with all of that hustle and bustle that we hear about in our favorite Christmas songs. My advice to you is pace yourself, take a break or two to eat something, and stay hydrated.

And Godspeed.

Perhaps you're waiting for Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday. Or course, with all of those deals starting so early this year, you've probably already jumped right in. I hope it's been a successful endeavor for you.

May I offer up an alternative present this year? It won't cost you a cent, but it will cost you a little bit of your time. However, I think this will be a show-stopping present for anyone on your list.

A letter.

One thing that we all need to hear in our lives is that we are loved and valued. Hearing why we are loved and valued is something we don't always get. Which is why I think this is an important gift.

And it's so simple. Just write a letter to someone or several special people in your life. Just tell them what you love about them or why you care so deeply about them. Talk about what they have done for you in the past that has meant something to you.

You don't have to be eloquent or use the biggest, most flowery words. Trust me, the impact will still be there.

If you're worried about being able to put what your feeling on paper, just try. Maybe you write a few words today and a few words tomorrow and next week, etc. until you've said all you need to say. Perhaps you just keep a running list on your phone of things you are thankful for when it comes to this person.

There's no pressure here. You're just expressing how you feel.

I did this for my mom last year. It wasn't for Christmas, but I wanted her to know how I saw her, what I loved and admired about her, and what she has meant to me. I'm so thankful I did it as she passed earlier this year. I'll never feel like I got enough time with her, but at the very least she knew my love for her.

Just give it a try. Keep a pad of paper near your bed or in your office and as you think of things to put in your letter, jot them down. Between now and Christmas, you should have plenty of time to craft something beautiful.

Just make sure it's from the heart.

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