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I first came across Chris Dickinson's photography a few years ago on Instagram.

As I was scrolling through picture after picture I came across a stunning landscape and paused. I clicked to see who took the photograph and soon lost track of time as I looked at dozens of beautiful images of Western life.

The quiet power of his subjects...both the landscape and the people, the subtle shadows and crisp colors...they captivated me.

A recent series of pictures taken at a branding particularly struck a chord with me, and I decided to see if Dickinson would be willing to let me share his work with you.

Thankfully he agreed and sent me a multitude of pictures that were taken in Wyoming.

When asked how he felt about Wyoming here's what Dickinson had to say;

Rugged and rustic, beautiful yet serene...these are a few words I'd use to describe Wyoming.  You can hear about Wyoming in the songs from John Denver, George Strait, Garth Brooks, and of course, one of my personal favorites...Chris LeDoux.  BUT, if you haven't personally experienced the wide-open skies, the young, yet monstrous, and iconic Grand Teton mountains, or the down-home nature from those that call this beautiful place home, you might be missing out, however, you can see these all these things in my images from Wyoming!

I've put descriptions (created by Dickinson) before groups of photographs that come from the same Wyoming location. I then went on to add quotes that I feel paired well with the pictures.

A Stunning Look At Wyoming Life Through The Eyes Of Photographer Chris Dickinson

Chris Dickinson is a premier western photographer based out of Utah who can often be found propped on his elbows in the mud, boots covered in manure, facing a rearing horse, all for the sake of the perfect shot. He's a man who does whatever it takes to achieve greatness. Below is a gallery of his pictures taken in Wyoming.

Our regular listeners have often heard me say "Wyoming is what America was, and that's not a bad thing." The Cowboy is at the heart of what makes us great, and Dickinson's photographs perfectly capture the grit and grace of the American west.

Dickinson and his wife are self-employed and based in Utah where a majority of his Western work has been captured at and alongside the ranches and families of the American West.

Chris Dickinson also is a photography educator, holding annual photography workshops that are not only authentic Western adventures, they’re also a time for others to come together and learn from one another as Dickinson leads them through framing the west while composing compelling stories.

Chris's work can be found on Instagram at @cdphotog and on Facebook.

Pictures of the Stunning Popo Agie Wilderness Area in Wyoming

The Popo Agie Wilderness area is part of the Shoshone National Forest and is located in the mountains outside of Lander, Wyoming. The trail shown in this picture is closed to motor vehicles, the only way to see these sites is to ride in on horseback or hike in.

Diary of a Wyoming Homesteader From Over 100 Years Ago

Taylor Barnette has a TikTok account where he shares 100-year-old diary entries from his Great Grandmother while showing what life looks like now on the very same ranch.

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