I could spend this entire article explaining how unemployment is NOT low, once you look at how few people are actually participating in the workforce and how many have dropped out and are living on the government dole.

NO, the president did not lower the deficit or debt. He and the democrats massively increased it. To be fair, the republicans are no better at debt reduction.

We have a manufacturing and energy problem that did not exist just a couple of years ago. Blame big government for that.

That list goes on.

Instead, let's look at the proper role of government. Because that is the big difference between how Biden and his fellow Democrats see America, and what America was designed to be.

In President Biden's 2023 state of the union address, he spends a lot of time talking about what he wants the government to do for us all.

President Joe Biden
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The government will tell us where our energy is coming from.

The government will tell us what type of car we are going to drive.

The government will provide our healthcare.

The government will direct the economy on its whims and not that of a free market.

The government will even tell you what sort of stove you are to have in your house.

The government will tell you what sort of house you will have.

The government will tell you where to live.

The government will tell you what to eat.

The government will even fix the weather so you will never have to live through another nasty day.

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The president made so many bold claims and promises.

But the problem is, none of what he talked about is actually the role of government.

America was designed to be something that had never really happened before in human history.


For better or worse, you choose your own path in life.

You go as far as you can go and be as great as you can be.

Government is here to protect that freedom.

They have just a few other jobs beyond that, and not much more.

We, the people, will allow the government to do a few other things, besides military, police, and fire.

They are to provide courts to settle our disputes and we let them build some roads and bridges.

Things like that.

American flag and the US Constitution each taking about half the photo space

But the government is not here to tell us what to do.

Government is not here to provide for us.

The reason we do not let the government take charge of all these things has to do with corruption and incompetence.

In the history of mankind, government rule has never worked and has never ended well for the people who lived under it.

Being a free person comes with a lot of responsibility and maturity.

We lose that when we allow "The Nanny State" to take over.

Wyoming, while not perfect, is one of the freest states that there is. Folks here are fiercely independent.


In Wyoming, like all other states, we are fighting to push back the negative influence that is coming out of the massive and out-of-control federal government.

We are trying to keep our freedoms and liberties from the constant attacks of the Biden administration, the Democrats, and the out-of-control federal bureaucracy.

For Wyoming, the takeaway from the President's state of the Union address is that we need to elect people who understand, as Ronald Regan said, "Government is the problem."

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