When Tyler Perry isn't making movies in Hollywood, he's usually writing at his vacation home in Wyoming. The actor and director appeared on The Ellen Show yesterday and recounted a frightening encounter with a bear in his backyard

"You were here first, I'm not gonna bother you. I'm gonna stay over here and if you want the back yard, that's fine," Perry jokingly told the bear. "That firepit I built and spend all that money for, you go right ahead, it's all yours. Beer's in the fridge."

Perry first came to the Cowboy State 15 years ago. He bought a cabin outside of Jackson in 2005 and now splits time between his residences in Atlanta and Los Angeles and vacation homes in the Bahamas and Wyoming.

The media mogul has credited Wyoming for helping inspire ideas for his various television and film projects. Since Diary of a Mad Black Woman debuted in 2005, Perry has appeared in or produced in 30 movies. He's also directed and produced eight television series and has amassed a personal fortune over $600 million.

Although Perry has had a few encounters with wildlife, a bear isn't the weirdest thing he's seen in Wyoming. Ellen DeGeneres posed that question during her interview with Perry yesterday. His hilarious answer begins at the 4:21 mark on this video clip.


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