Yoko Ono is the woman who is credited with breaking up The Beatles.

What she often doesn't get credit for is being, quite possibly, the worst singer in human history.

No, really, if you had not heard her singing, you don't want to. Just don't. It's worse than Vogon Poetry. 

To say Yoko's singing sounds like a drunk cat being beaten and strangled is an insult to alcoholic cats in bad relationships.

Yet there I was at Downtown Vinyl, formally known as Phoenix Books & Music in downtown Cheyenne, Wyoming, and I found 3 Yoko Ono albums.

Here is Yoko's "SINGING" on the David Letterman Show. I suggest you preset an appointment for psychological after you listen. Good luck.

This shop was once a bookstore. The owner noticed that books do not sell much anymore, as more and more people are reading in a paperless fashion. But vinyl was making a comeback.

He now sells vinyl albums, 45s, cassettes, CDs, and even 8-track tapes.

As I looked at the 3 albums I realized, this is a USED music store.

That means someone had to have bought Yoko's albums at least once.

attachment-Downtown Vinyl 2

But I bet none of these albums have been listening to all the way through - even once.

He wants $30 for one of these. You might think that to be outrageous.

But I think it would be worth the price as a gag gift to make a friend of mine GAG!

Yoko released 14 albums. Hard to believe, I know.

Believe it or not, her HORRIBLE singing has sold over 5,225,210 albums, including 3,681,000 in the United States and 400,000 in the United Kingdom.

I still think the only reason anyone ever bought her "music" was that she was John Lennon's wife.

Now we know why these countries are falling apart. People heard her singing and went INSANE!

attachment-Downtown Vinyl 6

I don't recall anything she ever recorded being played on any radio station.

Yet she hit the billboard top 100 twice in her music career.

To give you an idea of how bad she was, here is the worst song EVER by Yoko.

Though she thought it was one of her best.

I suggest you take my word for it and don't play this video.

I'm sorry I put you through that.

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