Lost a loved one? Still want to talk to them?

Well, you could call a medium and have a seance or, you could just ask ALEXA!

Honestly this is out of some creepy science fiction horror movie.

The idea is that Alexa that would allow it to artificially synthesize short audio clips into believable spoken passages. So you can talk to Alexa and it will answer by mimicking the sound of the DEAD PERSON that you miss so much.

The Alexa team demoed the new feature during the event by presenting a scenario in which Alexa uses the voice of a dead grandmother to read a bedtime story to a little boy.


Which is why we should watch it. Here is the video.

It seems that now Alexa can mimic just about anyone's voice after listening to a recording of it for less than a minute.

I swear, like a hundred movies have been made about why this is BAD!

Yet I am sure that there are some people who will think that this new option is adorable, or something, and they will use it.


Actually, I'd like to go find the voices of dead people that I would like to have haunting my house, somebody important and creepy at the same time.

I just think that would be FUNNY!

But seriously, isn't Alexa creepy enough as it is?

If you have Alexa ask her where are good places to hide a dead body.

Seriously, give it a try.

Lets watch this video and see what other creepy things Alexa will say.

Look, we were told not to play with Ouija boards when we were kids. We have been warned about trying to contact the dead and talk with them in other ways.

THIS is actually an artificial way of doing it, so it should be safe. RIGHT?

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