Winter - we have all had about enough. But it's far from over for those of us in Wyoming.

So when Don Day of Day Weather told the Wake Up Wyoming audience that some parts of the state might have temperatures in the low 60s this Friday and Saturday, March 6th & 7th,I had to nail him down on what part of the state will hit that level of warmth.

Congratulations to the little town of Burns Wyoming. According to Don Day that should be the center "hot spot" for two days of warm weather. Considering the small population of Wyoming I think we should all be able to meet there. By "ALL" I do mean everyone in the entire state.

If the town of Glendo can handle all of the people who gathered for the eclipse, the town of Burns, which is not much bigger, should be able to handle the entire population of Wyoming.

If we all take off right after work on Friday and set up camp Friday night, we can have one hell of a party on Saturday (sorry, Burns does not have a hotel).

Please RSVP by calling the mayor of  Burns, Mr. James Clark. I'm sure he will be THRILLED to hear that the entire population of Wyoming will be invading his town this weekend.

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