Don't run from 'murder hornets' - eat them.

Apparently they are a traditional delicacy in Japan. They are served fried, steamed, or some folks even add liquor.

This obviously means our 'murder hornet' problems are over. Once hunters hear that they can kill this dangerous creature and eat it, especially after adding liquor, it will be open season.

The Asian giant hornet that we call the 'murder hornet' has just the reputation a hunter is looking for: it is the largest hornet in the world. Right out of a horror movie, the bug is equipped with both pincers and a venomous stinger.

One lone hornet can kill something the size of a mouse. Apparently then can kill people too, as they kill dozens of people in Japan every year. 50 people on average, world-wide.

In Japan, these giant hornets are on the menu at restaurants as a delicacy.

The word "delicacy," loosely translated, means something that no one in their right mind would be stupid enough to consume, unless we can make you feel above everyone else if you do, and charge you too much for it.

But how does one catch a murder hornet?

In Japan, hornet hunters track the insects by tying a piece of fish to a streamer, letting one hornet fly off with the meat, and tailing the bug back to it's nest. I'm not kidding. Smoke is used to pacify the nest and then they are captured.

If they make it to Wyoming, just tell our hunters how dangerous they are and they will go get them. And fry them in a cast iron skillet, right next to your rocky mountain oysters.

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