Sustainable or sustainability, is the latest buzzword attached to everything these days. Listen to any politician speak and most commercials and you'll hear them talk about how sustainable their idea or product is.

In most cases what is claimed to be sustainable is a feelgood lie told to the public just to make them feel better about what someone is trying to sell to them.

When I ask, how sustainable are you, I am not asking if your lifestyle is good for the environment. I'm asking if your lifestyle is good for your community, your state, and your country.

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A sustainable person is self sufficient. They are not a burden to the people around them or to society as a whole.

They do not want to live on any government program or handout. They want to make it on their own

They have worked hard to acquire a skill set that is valuable to an employer.

They are responsible, reliable and hard working, which helps them to keep their job.

A sustainable person makes enough money to afford the life they desire, without being burred under a massive burden of debt. in other words they live within their means.

A sustainable person is honest.

They are helpful to those in need around them, knowing that sometimes a person needs a hand up.

A sustainable person does not make excuses for failure. They look for the reason and then find the solution to the problem.

American is a better place when we are all sustainable people.

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