I'm hoping this is a one time thing - just for fun - and not how someone thinks the world should be in the time of COVID-19.

The group The Flaming Lips performed at the Criterion in Oklahoma City recently, and the band tested the idea of each audience member in an inflatable bubble.

At least this way they can have concerts during the pandemic. Most concerts have been canceled. According to Brooklyn Vegan, the band is still "working out all the logistics." As you might imagine, making this actually work on a large scale would have its problems.

In an interview with Brooklyn Vegan, The Flaming Lips lead singer Wayne Coyne said: "I think [the] kind of dilemma we're all in is that we are waiting for it to go back to normal or are we starting to plot, 'What's the future look like? What is the future of live music?'"

The problems to work out would be arena size and audio quality. Then there is the problem with air, over a long period of time. Then sanitation. What if someone farts while in their bubble? Presumably fans will have to purchase their own bubble when they buy a ticket. Then how do all those people inflate every bubble and - worst of all - enter for the concert?

Oh well. Fun idea to watch anyway.

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