Deep in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, horrified hikers spotted a black bear eating human remains.

They were near the North Carolina arm of the Hazel Creek Trail, not far from the Tennessee border. While passing a campsite they came across scattered body parts. That's when they spotted the bear.

The hikers needed to walk a long way back to cell phone range in order to call it in.

“Staff arrived at campsite 82 shortly after midnight and confirmed the report of a deceased adult human male,” park officials said, the Charlotte Observer reported.

Cause of death for the human has not yet been confirmed. It is possible the bear came across the already-perished remains and began to consume it. Nonetheless, the bear was tracked and euthanized.

Officials were able to identify the deceased person as Patrick Madura, 43, of Elgin, Illinois, WVLT reported.

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