Sure, the bear seems friendly enough. To be fair, the animal acted more like a dog begging at the table than a wild animal that might -- oh I don't know -- FREAK OUT on them at any moment.

Lucky for the family the bear just took a seat and enjoyed the meal with the family.

I see the family had beer. Good thing they didn't offer the bear a couple of those. That might have gotten ugly.

I'll make sure to point out there that, while this looks sweet, it's actually very dangerous. Some of you might be thinking that those words are obvious and don't need to be spoken. I'm thinking this proves that we need to say it.

There was a time, a generation or so back, that the folks who ran Yellowstone encouraged people to feed the animals and commune with nature. But it did not take long for that to go badly, and the policy was changed.

I'll leave this video here as a reminder of what not to do.

OH - also - I'd like to have a word with whomever captured this moment about shooting vertical video and pictures. STOP IT. There is a video below on why that should never be done.

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