This bear has it figured out.

The door will open automatically. There is food everywhere. The humans might try to run him off but, really, they are too afraid to do it.

He knows this. So, he goes shopping, about twice a week.

The store is in Lake Tahoe. The time, later at night. The bear does not seem to be in a bad mood unless someone tries to get in his way. He is the average, overweight, slightly grumpy shopper.

The first video is a cell phone video taken by a customer Aug. 27. The bear walks casually inside the Safeway in the community of Kings Beach. He seems to be a very casual shopper.

The bear appears to be rummaging around the produce section. He knows enough to start with a good salad.

In time I am sure he will explore the rest of the store to see what there is to be had. He will surely find the fish and meat department before too long.

Then again, I'm sure we can count on local game wardens setting up a trap for him. Lets face it, they can't let this go on forever, as entertaining as it is.

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