Wyoming Game and Fish officials removed a young black bear from near the Flying J Truckstop on Friday.

That's according to a post on the Wyoming Game and Fish Department Facebook page. According to the post, the Cheyenne Police Department, Laramie County Sheriff's Office, and Wyoming Highway Patrol all helped with the removal effort.

While large wildlife visiting the city of Cheyenne is not necessarily an everyday occurrence, it's not all that unusual either, and not always just on the outskirts of the city.

In 2014 a moose found its way onto the lawn of the Wyoming Supreme Court Building.

Another black bear was spotted in the south Cheyenne area in 2015, and there have been other bears or rumors of bears in the area of Wyoming's Capitol City over the years.

A mountain lion was captured in east Cheyenne in 2017, and another was reported to be in the city in 2019, with unverified reports of the big cats in the city being recorded on a number of other occasions.

And that isn't including numerous occurrences of deer or antelope venturing into the city in search of water during dry periods, which is actually fairly common during the late summer months.

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