As the photo above shows, actually seeing Comet Neowise with the naked eye is much different than many of the photos you have seen online.

To the naked eye it looks as if a star has been touched by a finger and smudged, giving it a tail.

Local photographers, wanting to pull the most dramatic effect, will use some amazing telephoto lenses and long exposures to get the most light. They might even superimpose the photo over a Wyoming landmark for greater effect.

All of that is fine. It makes for a beautiful image. Just understand that is not what you will see when you step out and look up into the night sky.

With that in mind, let's go visit, once again, the wonderful photographers on the Facebook page, Wyoming Through The Lens. 

This one is from Bruce Lundgren in Glenrock Wyoming. A simple night photo with brush lit up in the foreground. 

Tiffany Estonactoc found just the right way to frame Neowise with an old dead tree in the in the photo and hills behind.
Cole Sherard grabbed this crisp clear photo from Laramie. 
Outlaw Square did an amazing job showing the swooping tail above Devil's Tower.
Neowise will be best seen on July 22nd. I'm sure Wyoming photographers will be out in full force to bring us the best photos yet.
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