The Brazilan-based meat supplier was recently ordered to pay nearly $200,000 in damages due to its handling of COVID-19 in Greeley.

I'm sure many, a majority of those working at the Greeley plant will hear that JBS has to pay a Russian-speaking hacker gang $11 million, and not shed too many tears.


According to Denver7, JBS paid the ransom to stop the disruption that the company was under from May 30 through June 3, 2021, which did stop operations at the Greeley plant, and other locations across the world, for one day.

The ransom was paid using Bitcoin. I don't think I'm alone in still not really understanding what cryptocurrency is about, but of course, criminals are all over it.

I wonder, now that the world knows that JBS paid $11 million, how much was actually asked for? Did the gang want $15 million and they haggled down to $11 million, or was it set at $11 million the whole time?

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On June 1, 2021. according to Reuters, a Brazilian court ordered JBS to pay $194,000 in damages for its failure to take measures to protect workers at the Greeley plant from COVID-19, in a case brought to the court by the Brazilian labor prosecutors. JBS has yet to announce whether they'll appeal that decision.

Six workers at the Greeley plant died due to COVID-19 working conditions, along with another nearly 300 workers contracting the virus.

Get more on the $11 million ransom from Denver7 HERE.

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