There was a heavy police presence at the Spring Hill Apartment complex on Walsh Drive, in Casper on Friday, with multiple witnesses saying they heard gunshots.

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One witness, who lives at the complex, told K2 Radio News what he heard.

"I was working on my car and I heard three gunshots and, all of a sudden, police came flying down Walsh Drive," the witness stated. "I was just worried about my family."

Another witness stated that shots were fired and one person appeared to be on the ground.

"This is on Andrea Ln." Meghan Bernard told K2 Radio News. "We heard shots fired around 7:30pm-7:45pm and we looked out our window and saw multiple officers running to what appeared to be a person on the ground. They guy they loaded into the ambulance appeared to be alive."

Dispatch confirmed that one person was taken to Wyoming Medical Center by ambulance.

One officer on the scene briefly spoke with K2 Radio News and said this this was "a continuation of last night," but could not offer any further details. She did state that there does not appear to an ongoing threat to the public.

K2 Radio News will update this developing story as more information becomes available.

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