Bret Michaels is coming to the Casper Event Center on November 6th to kick off his multi-city Hometown Heros Tour.

Part of the purpose of this tour is to take time to honor heroes in every city where Bret Michaels performs. The lineup for the event includes artists from several genres and will be a night to remember for not only the crowd but for five community members that have been nominated by friends and/or family. Here is what Bret Michaels said about the experience.

While on tour, every night I bring local heroes up on-stage to honor them during the show and we’ll continue to do so at these shows.  It’s important to me that we recognize veterans, first responders, teachers and people who are making a difference in their communities.

Jesse Jones has been a member of the Casper Police Department for 3 years and has been a Detective for 18 months.

He was nominated by his sister Heather Olsen, here is an excerpt from her letter.

Jesse Jones is a retired vet. He spent several of his younger days in Iraq in the army. He is currently a detective for the Casper Police Department. Prior to being a detective, he joined our men in blue directly after retiring from the army...He is the most selfless person I know! [He] works so hard to provide for his family and never makes time for himself! Detective Jones is truly a hero!

Take a few moments to listen to what Jesse's reaction was when Heather called him to tell him he was a winner, and to learn what Jesse says drives him to serve our community.

I love that Jesse was so reluctant to be honored in such a public way, his humility is truly inspiring. When we asked him why he was so passionate about his work he said,

It's just serving. Being able to be that person that someone needs when they need take those efforts and make a difference.

We are looking forward to seeing Jesse honored on stage with Bret Michaels on November 6th.

I think I speak for all of us when I say, thank you Jesse for your service to both our nation and community.

Correction: Prairie Wife misspoke in the interview when she said Jesse has served as a detective for 3 years. He has been on the Casper PD for 3 years and served as a detective for 18 months.

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