We all like a hot shower. But there is hot, and then there is Yellowstone Geyser hot.

In the video below, a buffalo in Yellowstone stands next to a geyser that is shooting water yards up into the air and back down on him. The animal seems unfazed.

That very same water would have sent a human to the hospital, even if the human was wearing a rain coat.

Steam vents at Yellowstone are reported as high as 135°C (275°F). Talk about loving a hot shower. But that is right at the vent: the water cools on its way up and out of the ground and back down to the back of the animal, but still. OUCH.

These big animals are used to extremes. In the winter, the temperature in Yellowstone hangs down around the mid teens. Occasionally it will drop into the mid-sub-zero range. The buffalo handle it just fine. In the summer, Yellowstone usually stays in the 70s and 80s but has been known to get as hot on 100F on a rare summer day. Again, during these times, these animals just continue doing their thing without any outward sign of discomfort. Maybe that is why this guy does not seem to mind the heat of the geyser.

On a lighter note, BUFFALO STINK. Maybe we should line them all up for the occasional shower. We could find some tourists dumb enough to pay a fee to go and soap them up and scrub them down.

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