Golf is not normally known as a contact sport, but it was Colorado recently. A golfer was charged by a bull elk which resulted in his kidney being pierced.

KDVR shared this story and a video about Zak Bornhoft. He and three friends were golfing near Evergreen, Colorado over the weekend when a bull elk charged him hitting his mid-section leaving his kidney in pieces.

You can see in parts of their video report that this golf course has many holes that are frequented by many elk. Considering the fact that we're in the middle of rutting season right now, Zak is fortunate that he is still alive considering how aggressive the bull elk can be.

Just a few days before the golfer was charged, this video was captured also in Evergreen, Colorado on a golf course. It's two bull elk going at it.

Fortunately, this ended up being just a close call and not a tragedy.

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