My mom always told me, "keep you hands to yourself" or "if it doesn't belong to you, keep your paws off of it". Recently, porch pirates apparently didn't learn those same lessons as package thefts have been on the rise but THIS particular porch pirate is a whole new breed.

According to Out There Colorado, A bear simply couldn't keep its paws off of a package and decided to swipe it recently off someone's front porch.

YouTube/ABC 7

The package was apparently filled with chocolate (I mean the bear isn't dumb).

Even though this particular incident took place in California, there have been no shortage of bear sightings and bear incidents right here in Colorado.


There was this bear who wanted to take a stroll through Downtown Boulder earlier this Spring...

YouTube/ Denver 7

YouTube/ Gazzette Visuals


Just late last summer there were FOUR bear sightings in Fort Collins in ONE WEEK


And of course who could forget about the piano playing bear that broke into someone's house to make a little music...

.YouTube/ Storyful News


Whether you're in the wild or in your backyard, we live in bear territory and while there are no guarantees on how a bear will react, there are things you can do and more importantly NOT do to enhance your chances of having a peaceful encounter with a bear.

YouTube/ Colorado Parks and Wildlife


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