My family and I went on a three-day pack trip deep into the Northern Wyoming Backwoods this last weekend.

If you've ever traveled in that area you know that Grizzly Bears and Wolves are a common sight.

In order to be safe, we had to keep our eyes and ears open and be aware of what had recently traveled the trail ahead of us.

Noticing a fresh Bear track or new Wolf Scat could mean the difference between startling a Bear on the trail and a possible attack, or making enough noise to scare them off and keep everyone safe.

I thought it would be fun to see how many of these Wyoming wildlife signs (tracks and scat) you can identify.

Take a look and see how many you know...

Can You Identify These Wyoming Wildlife Tracks?

So, how did you do?

As we were hiking and saw these along the trail I recognized all of them except the last one, I am so used to seeing the hind print of a Bear that I didn't have any idea what the front paws looked like.

If you've recently been out enjoying the Wyoming wilds and have pictures of Wyoming Wildlife tracks (or scat) you've seen, drop us a pic using the My Country Mobile App.

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