Casper police made multiple arrests early Sunday after several people were kicked out of a house party only to return and take numerous items.

That's according to several affidavits of probable cause filed in the arrest.

Court records indicate that Casper police made the following arrests in the incident:

  • Darius Cordell Brigance for burglary
  • Alejandro Juan Arriaga for burglary, interference with a police officer, possession of a controlled substance - marijuana, property damage
  • Saje Marie Boykin for burglary
  • Marquise Grant for burglary and interference with a police officer

According to the court records a Casper resident called police and reported that someone was in her home. The resident told police that the burglars took off down an alleyway when they saw the homeowner.

Court records do not specify the location of the home.

Another person who lived in the home told police that she and several others were drinking at a Casper bar until the bar closed at 2 a.m. They moved the party to the home and the homeowner said she knew most of the people at the home, but not very well.

At about 4 a.m. Sunday, the homeowners cleared the party and locked their doors. Not long after, one of the residents woke up and could hear intruders in the home.

When they got downstairs, the affidavit says, the residents noted that their window-mounted airconditioning unit was removed. The residents also saw a laundry basket from the home laying in the yard with several items in it including vinyl records, an IPad and pill bottles.

Police arrested Arriaga, who agreed to speak to detectives, near the home.

The affidavit alleges that he was "chilling" with his friends before they went to the bar before going to the party. Arriaga allegedly told police that he passed out on a couch at the part and woke up to the homeowner telling everyone to leave and that the cops were on their way.

When asked why he ran from the party and police, Arriaga allegedly replied, "I don't do cops and I thought I had a warrant."

Arriaga also admitted to jumping a fence in the process of running away, breaking it.

In one of the affidavits, a minor details watching Boykin and Brigance stuffing several pill bottles and "all kinds of stuff" in their pockets. The minor also told police that Grant tried to steal a TV but couldn't because it was bolted to a wall.

Speaking with police, the affidavit says, Boykin said that the only thing she stole from the home was a can of ravioli.

A Casper police detective informed Boykin that she was found with a can of olives, not ravioli.

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