Last week, we asked are social media followers, "where is the worst place you've ever been taken on a date?", and these were the top five.

While quite a few of these were gut wrenching, painful or just downright funny, the following were by far, the worst of the worst.

  1. On a double date with my best friend at the time. My date was drunk and rolled his mother's car after hitting a tree. - Linda Bell
  2. My date took me to a Chippendales show at the time and I didn't know what it was until it was too late. - Tony M Boehm Jr.
  3. Ugh.. his house for dinner.. which wouldn't have been bad had he cleaned and it didn't smell horribly like dog piss and rotten food needless to say I had an emergency and had to leave suddenly - Melody Jahrig
  4. Rattlesnake hunting in the White Tank Mountains! Seriously!!! - Mary M Martin
  5. TD’s Gentlemen’s club on steak and lobster day! Yuck!!!! - Michelle Sharp

Let us know the worst place you've ever been taken on a date in the comments section below.

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