Let's say it's a bad weather day and you want to go for a walk.

So you dig your treadmill out from under the pile of clothes you've been hanging on it and plug it back in.

But walking a treadmill is boring. You need to explore someplace different.

Don't worry, there is an app for that.

Plug in the app, if your treadmill takes one, or use your tablet or TV for a YouTube page of walking, running, or biking tours.

There are many walking, running, and biking videos to watch to give you the feeling that you're someplace else.

This page is called CITY WALKS.

The site will actually take you all over the world to walk some of the most interesting places you've never been.

Some have music. Some have the sounds of nature. Some have someone walking with you and talking, telling you interesting things about where you are.

Recently, downtown Casper Wyoming has been added to the list of tours on the app called walking trails for Treadmill.

Henry will be our "proxy walker" on this Casper Wyoming tour.

Get on your treadmill and just act like you are walking with him.

He's been by Casper before, but never pulled into the town.


I've been to Casper before but never downtown, just out by the highway. In the next of our virtual walks for treadmill, we take you to Casper Wyoming and where we walk you around the downtown area.

It's a cold February day but the downtown of the second largest city in Wyoming with just 58,000 people. It's full on winter but warmer than it was a few days earlier.

Despite the music that the city seems to play out into the public space, I really enjoyed this walking tour of the area including the little detour into the western wear store shown in the thumbnail. (Henery).

Here is Henry's Casper walking video.

The Casper treadmill walking scenery is now on the app walking trails for the treadmill.


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