Technically the "Monkey Tail Beard" isn't a new trend.

It was originally done as a joke, a stunt to make his teammates laugh.

For some reason (perhaps too much time at home alone during the COVID-19 pandemic?) the style has made a resurgence in the last week...and we can't decide how we feel about it.

The concept is pretty simple, shave your beard so it looks like a curled monkey tail.

It actually took me a moment to even figure out what I was looking at when I first saw a picture.

Granted, it IS a way to get attention...and will likely make a few people smile.

But, according to, it's not a look to pick if you're trying to be professional.

So, what do you think Casper (and Glenrock and Douglas...and Midwest)?

Is this a manscaping trend you plan to try?

If your answer is YES, here's a how-to video I found.

Make sure you take some before and after pics and send them to us using the My Country Mobile App.

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