I have no doubt that what is happening right now will eventually find its way into the history books.

I can see my children as adults talking to THEIR children about the time they were quarantined for more than a month in their homes because of CLOVID-19.

It's a moment in time that we should document, and it was out of this need, that the Front Porch Project was born.

The purpose of this project is two-fold.

First, it helps local charities. Each photographer asks for donations to a charity (or charities) of their choice instead of a fee.

Second, it gives families a chance to document this memorable moment in our nation's history.

To ensure the safety of all the participants, photographers pull up to homes and use long-range photography equipment to take pictures of families on their front porches.

A large group of local photographers in the Casper, Douglas, and Glenrock area have decided to participate in the Front Porch Project.

I love seeing how each family takes advantage of this unique opportunity.

Some of the pictures are both peaceful and poignant.

Others are downright hilarious and some are simply natural and relaxed.

Take a look at a gallery we made of #FrontPorchProject pictures taken locally.


For our family's pictures, I decided to let everyone wear whatever they wanted and we kept it totally casual. I wore my favorite pair of sweatpants and most of us are barefoot.

It's an honest look at how we've been living our lives over the last three weeks.

If you're interested in participating in the Front Porch Project I suggest contacting the photographer that normally takes your family pictures.

If they aren't participating, you can simply search #frontporchproject or reach out to any of the photographers listed above in the gallery.

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