Our local boys and girls in blue are still out there having fun and getting their CopSctoch on in and around the community.

The official Casper Police Department Facebook page shared their latest video showcasing the officers skill, along with t a message that read:

We've got that Friday feeling and we're celebrating by playing some CopScotch!

Many of our resturants and bars here in Casper are opening back up today. We understand you all may be celebrating the weekend in ways other than playing CopScotch... We want everyone to continue to be as safe and healthy as possible as we work back into normal life. Follow the guidelines, don't drink and drive and always wear your seatbelt.

Have a great weekend, Casper!

#coronacops #welovecasper #bettertogether

Have you found any CopScotch games around town? If you have, let us know where they are located in the comments.

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