If you've listened to the Wake Up Wyoming morning show on nearly any given day over the past few weeks, you've likely heard Glenn discuss the new Impossible meat sensation. Plant-based protein replacements are a hot topic in the current world, and the Impossible meat claims to replicate meat so well, you can't tell you're eating a "veggie burger" instead. So I put together Glenn's reoccurring talk-tangent with my personal desire to try out this imitation-meat-product, and gathered together the majority of our radio talent to compare real versus Impossible.

The original plan was to purchase some plain burgers from a butcher's in town that also sells Impossible burgers, cook up a couple of both, and keep them plain so the comparison could be more direct. Naturally, the butcher's was out of Impossible that day. So I improvised: Burger King's Whopper versus their new Impossible Whopper.

And we put them to a test.

Other coworkers in the building got to try them too, if they liked. Opinions remained mostly the same as heard in the video - Impossible feels like meat and is not noticeably different or unpleasant, simply a little more bland. It seemed unable to hold that flame-grilled-taste that the Whopper is so notorious for. However, one coworker did go so far as to say the Impossible Whopper was the closest thing to red meat she'd eaten since giving up red meat - and perfect example of why these burgers might be catching on!

This is how we got to spend our Friday, and we encourage you to take advantage of the weekend and try something Impossible too! How do you think it compares?

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