The Casper Regional Solid Waste Facility recently began accepting fiberglass wind turbine blades that are being replaced, the city announced Tuesday.

"The customer coordinating the disposal of the wind turbine blades researched potential landfills in the Rocky Mountain Region that could take the blades and narrowed it down to the Casper Regional Solid Waste Facility after reviewing our permits and certification," Casper Solid Waste Manager Cindie Langston said in a press release.

According to the release, wind turbine blades are made of non-recyclable fiberglass and are difficult to crush. Destroying the blades requires compacting equipment that's larger and more powerful than what the city currently has.

Disposing of the blades in a landfill is a suitable option, however, as fiberglass does not leach into the soil or groundwater.

"City staff have worked diligently to stack the blades in order to minimize the amount of space utilized," city officials said in the press release.

City Manager Carter Napier said revenue from the project will ultimately benefit the entire community. It's unclear how much revenue will be generated from the project.

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