The Wind River Hotel and Casino and Northern Arapaho Tribe on Friday jointly announced that the Indian Relay Racing's Championship will come back to Casper for another year.

According to a news release, the events will take place at the Central Wyoming Fairgrounds on September 24 - 26.

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"If you've never seen Indian Relay racing, visualize this ... one rider, bareback, three hours, three laps switching horses each lap," the release states. "The excitement of the fierce competition has everyone on their feet as the chaos of having 12-16 horses on the track at one time is unpredictably exciting."

Additionally, race officials say the races will showcase the Native American culture of dancers, drummers, color guard, and spiritual leaders from the Northern Arapaho tribe. Other events include women's relay, chief race, warrior race, maiden race and the youth relay.

The event will also feature vendors, full concessions and "adult beverages."

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