The printing press has served us well for hundreds of years. But this grand old technology is now giving way to a faster, more efficient, and far cheaper ways of doing things.

In the video below you will see this point featured on a CBS news story. They focused on the Casper Star Tribune cutting two print days a week and how much the staff has shrunk over the years.

In today's world, people actually read more than ever before. Your local news paper does not need to go away. What has changed is how we access it.

The CBS story mentions that not everyone in Wyoming can get internet. But, actually, internet is available to anyone with a simple little dish. Look at that single wide trailer out in the middle of no place - even they have one on their roof. The same dish that collects the satellite TV signal provides internet. It has always been the newspaper that has been delayed when the weather was bad, not the internet.

For those who have always loved the local paper, it will still be available to you. Some day, maybe soon, it will no longer arrive in that little yellow mail box, or outside your front door first thing in the morning, but not quite yet. You are still going to get the news and always will. You just won't have ink stains on your fingers anymore.

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