Since Wyoming passed the first Food Freedom Act back in 2015, other states have taken notice and some have followed either entirely or in part.

In the above video you will see a story by CBS News on how the Food Freedom Act is playing out in Gillette Wyoming. There is a bustling little store in downtown Gillette that sells locally made products to local costumers.

All of the food is produced in people's homes and is unsuspected by the government. The people who shop there are okay with it and happy to buy. Since 2015 there has not been one single case of sickness, of any kind, by Gillette consumers.

The Food Freedom Act mostly plays out in local farmers markets and co-op stores like the one in Gillette. The Gillette store is featured in the CBS video.

Fresh milk, straight from the cow or goat, fresh eggs from local chickens, and homemade foods like the peanut butter featured in this news story can be found in stores like this around Wyoming, and now, more and more in other states.

The idea behind the movement is that free people should be able to buy what they want, from whomever they want, without government interference. If a consumer understands that the peanut butter they are buying was made in someone's home kitchen and they are okay with that and take full responsibility for anything bad that might happen, then the sale can take place.

The safety track record of local foods has actually been proven to be a bit better than government inspected foods, according to research done by Forbs Magazine.

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