It's not like many people in Wyoming were wearing masks, compared to other states that is.

Even when most counties in Wyoming had "mask mandates" they were not being enforced by local law enforcement or district attorneys.

So new guidelines by the CDC will probably be met with a chuckle by most people in the state of Wyoming.

Here they are anyway:

The CDC now recommends universal school masking only in communities where Covid-19 levels are high. The CDC felt it could ease masking recommendations in schools because children are at relatively lower risk of severe disease and mostly have asymptomatic or mild infections, according to Greta Massetti, of the agency’s Covid-19 Response Incident Management Team.


Not all "hotspots" are located in highly populated areas. Not all of the low-impact areas are in rural areas either.

What might be another interesting map to post is one of "compliance" with the "mandate."

ACTUALLY, I have one of those maps for you. But hold on.

Let's zoom in on Wyoming to see what the CDC is saying about our state.

attachment-CDC Mask Wyoming

The green areas are the areas with the lowest levels of COVID. But not all green areas were compliant with any "mandates."

Take Campbell and Crook counties for example, in the upper left corner of the state. They refused to comply with any orders from Federal or State government. Yet their cases are low.

Teton County, the middle west corner of the state, made everything "mandatory" and there was much more compliance. Yet they are green too.

In other words, results are a mixed bag in Wyoming as with the rest of the nation.

attachment-CDC Mask Advice 2

There are still a lot of questions as to why COVID spreads the way it does.

If we were to look at maps of who was vaccinated and who was not, then compare it to who had more or fewer cases, it would look much like this map.

attachment-CDC Mask Advice 3

So, let's have a look at maps showing who actually complied with mask mandates and where in the country they were.

Once again these maps can be a little surprising. Not just in who complied but in the results of who had more or less COVID spread no matter if they complied or not.

Unfortunately, I had to go back to 2020 to find a map.

Two years later I believe people have become even less compliant.


The map above is from the New York Times. You can click this link to interact with it.

It actually allows you to look at numbers county by county across the nation.

But like all surveys, I have my doubts.

The numbers in some parts of Wyoming are higher than what I experienced when visiting those counties.

Tolerance to "mandates" in Wyoming is lower than ever, and they were VERY LOW to begin with.

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