I have said before that Holliday is my real name and my family tree appears to have the famous gunfighter in it. That being said, it shouldn't come as a surprise that I was quite excited to come across the shotgun that Wyatt Earp used to take down Curly Bill Brocius.

I saw this on the Just Collecting News website. It's an auction being held by Heritage Auctions. Check out this history.

Heritage Auctions, HA.com
Heritage Auctions, HA.com

Curly Bill was one of the notorious cowboys that Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday and his "immortals" took down when they decided to end the reign of that gang. You might remember the famous scene where this shotgun was used in the movie Tombstone.

This shotgun is the real deal. The Heritage Auctions website details some of the history of this weapon including detailed documentation and authentication of this really being Wyatt's shotgun. Here's part of it:

It is accompanied by a photostat of the 1963 notarized bill of sale from Fred Dodge, Jr., the Greg Martin letter, and a letter to Martin about the gun from James Earle. Also included is a remarkable and important archive of over 25 original documents, mostly detailed correspondence between Stuart Lake and Fred Dodge dating from 1928 through 1932.

If you think you'd love to have this part of western gunfighter history, the Heritage Auction website indicates that proxy bidding starts February 3 with the auction happening February 22 and 23. I can't even begin to guess what something like this will go for.

I can tell you for a fact that this member of the Holliday family would love to have it over my fireplace (if only I had a fireplace). Doubt my budget's gonna allow me to get in on this, but if you do please drop by and show it off in our studios.

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